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An Amazing day in Matsushima Island,Sendai Japan

We were a group of five people and we bought a special train pass that allowed us to travel anywhere in japan using the local train. Our journey started early in the morning(5.20 am) from Nagoya Japan to Sendai using nothing but local train.

nagoya to sendai
Nagoya to Sendai

We reached Sendai at about (8.00 PM). We had to change 9 trains to reach there.

Sendai Station
Our Travel Group

We stayed at a guesthouse for the night, located near Sendai station. As one of our travel partners got promotion recently so he decided to give us a treat. So we went for a walk in the urban Sendai.

Sendai at Night

After dinner, we went to sleep and woke up early to reach Matsushima. We were pleasantly surprised to see the Matsushima bay area. We were greeted by this view.

There was sightseeing ferry service available so we quickly jumped into one and started the tour.


After some time we could see these mysterious islands present in the sea. Some of the islands were made into temples and people use to visit this sacred island to pray for thousands of years.

After the boat ride, we started exploring the nearby island on foot. We crossed a red bridge and got into this island. It was beautiful.

View from island
Mursalin kabir exploring the island
Island explorer 😛

We had our lunch with freshly caught Oyster from Matsushima bay area. It was my first time trying Oyster and it was delicious.

In the end, we were all exhausted but had a smile on our faces. It was a memorable experience. Soon after finishing our visit to Sendai, we again started our train journey in the afternoon for Hanamaki, Iwate Prefecture. That is a story for another time.

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